The Regions of Cameroon

The Ten Complete Tourist Regions
Diversity is the main feature of what Cameroon has to offer to tourists.
This variety of choices can be percieved throughout the ten regions which complement each other, making Cameroon as a whole a miniature of all African tourist destinations.
The regions of the South, South-West and Littoral bordering the coast of the Atlantic ocean, are ideal for seaside tourism. Their picturesque bays and fine sandy beaches are a true delight for those who love swimming and water sports.
Towards the interior, the regions of the East and Centre with their lush, green scenery provide opportunities for excursions, forest walks and ecotourism.
All tourists, especially Europeans will not feel at all out of place when discovering the West and North-West regions. With their undulating countryside and mild climate, these two regions are the main center for Cameroon folklore and handicrafts.
In the three most northerly regions, tourists keen on safari photo shoots and big game hunting can expect to find all they are looking for in the national parks and delightful scenery which is attracting more and more visitors every year.
Come and visit the heart of deepest Cameroon, a complete tourist destination where the ever-changing complexity of its scenery, the varied climate and great variety of its inhabitant's traditions are nolonger a tourist's dream but a palpable reality. From the Atlantic Ocean to the boarders of the Lake Chad, ten regions constitute this country which truly deserves its naming of touristic Eldorado.